mardi 3 janvier 2012

Ink & Water

I thought I post these, but I completely forgot. The lasts of 2011!
I wish I can have more interresting projects that I can share with you on the blog this year.
I wish I can tattoo more of my designs, purely, without any changes.

Maybe I need to propose more of my designs. Show more what I'm doing...
I'm too shy to show the customers what I like to do.
I just listen to them and try to turn their project to something that is coherent, consistent
, aesthetic...
Maybe I should propose exactely what I feel about the project, and not be afraid of they think.
I should try after all.... Hey! I think I have a good resolution for 2012!!!

I have one more day off .
I'm so happy to live by the lake when it's a sunny day like this!
The lovely side of Geneva :)

Geneva's lake not the Caribbean!

Have a nice week!

2 commentaires:

  1. magnifique les photos! on dirait presque qu'on habite sur une îles paradisiaque haha

  2. awww what a cute dog!! love the designs!