lundi 27 février 2012

My "planephobia"

I know what you may think:
No way, this girl is a traveler,
she may be used to take the plane.
The answer is No, absolutely not...!
This time I really need to share this here,
because I can't keep it like this anymore..!
I don't know why exactely, but
since I was a teenager, I use to feel
very very very bad in the plane.
I'm an anxious person, but in every day life, I can handle it...
But not in the plane. How bad? Well, my hands are wet and shaking,
I can't breathe normaly (even if I try so hard to apply
all the yoga and breathing exercises I know so well, and that normaly work...
On land only apparently).
It's a really irrational fear.
It's not that I'm afraid of a plane crash, no.
Because every time I talk
about this, people tell me the
unusefull speech about car crash and plane crash statisticals.
(come on guys, I don't want to finally land and
freak out to take a car!!!)
And the thing is, it's not this kind of fear.

It's a real uncomfortable feeling, I feel disoriented,
I think it's really close to claustrophobia:
I just want to get out this shitty thing...! :)
Well, even if I feel that bad, I still travel and still take the plane.
I never took any medicine for that,
I'm usually against all this kind of pills,
but I begin to wonder if I should try something
to make all my travels happier...

Well, thank you to all those who read
this to the end, lol and all your advices are very welcome :)

vendredi 3 février 2012

My Arm by Uncle Allan: round 1

I was very lucky to have an appointment with Uncle Allan at Conspiracy inc this wednesday.
Last year, I was so happy after having my forearm tattooed by him, that I only waited a few months to
write about the project for the rest of my arm. So I took the plane on Tuesday to Copenhagen.

There are very few tattoo shops where I feel comfortable, but Conspiracy is one of these place.
In a word, I didn't sleep very well the night before I was getting tattooed.
Usually, when I don't sleep good, I feel more anxious than normal
(did I mention that I'm a really anxious person?)
And getting tattooed with only two hours of sleep seemed impossible to me.

But I don't know, magically, when I arrived there, it was ok, I was relaxed.
I held only three small hours of outlining, but I did what I could, and it was kinda ok.

So of course, I could think "argg I took the plane and I couldn't hold more than that...."
but I know that it's useless, and anyway, I'm so happy about the result of this "round 1"

I can't wait for the "round 2" at the end of the month,
and hopefully I will have a better sleep the night before...!


CPH Express

I just came back from Copenhagen.
This time it was just arriving the day before my appointment with Uncle Allan,
the day I was getting tattooed, and going back home the day after.

It was very stressfull on Tuesday, because it was the first "big snowing" day in Geneva.
Some flights were cancelled (Amsterdam, for example).
so I was already about to plan a train trip to Copenhagen in my head!

Gods know how I hate taking the plane. It's terrifying me.
When I'm on the plane, it's ok if we're still on land,
but at the moment we're taking off, and flying, I feel very bad....
But even if my hands are shaking, and that I feel like I could die,
I still continue taking the plane, almost 5times a year!
I know that it's just a bad moment, and that I will have a lot of fun once arrived.

Fortunately (well, it depends, I was kind of liking the idea of taking something that stays on land),
our flight wasn't cancelled, and we arrived there just 15 minutes late.

After letting our bags at the hotel, and walking around,
we went to the lovely restaurant we went also last year
: Gefählrich
Once again, the meal was delicious and it was exactely what I needed
before getting tattoed the day after
If anyone's going to Copenhagen, I really recommand this place :)

For lunch, the day after, we went to Pussy Galore's Flying Circus.
I took a delicious pasta meal to give me some energy for the afternoon.

I'll write another post about my tattoo in Conspiracy (too many things to say again :)

The day afterwe just had the time to pack our bags,
to have a lovely but cold walk around the hotel, drink a hot chocolate at Café 22,
and we went back to the Airport

An express but lovely trip in a beautiful city <3


Pussy Galore's Flying Circus

Walk before going to the Airport

My love at Cafe 22