lundi 27 février 2012

My "planephobia"

I know what you may think:
No way, this girl is a traveler,
she may be used to take the plane.
The answer is No, absolutely not...!
This time I really need to share this here,
because I can't keep it like this anymore..!
I don't know why exactely, but
since I was a teenager, I use to feel
very very very bad in the plane.
I'm an anxious person, but in every day life, I can handle it...
But not in the plane. How bad? Well, my hands are wet and shaking,
I can't breathe normaly (even if I try so hard to apply
all the yoga and breathing exercises I know so well, and that normaly work...
On land only apparently).
It's a really irrational fear.
It's not that I'm afraid of a plane crash, no.
Because every time I talk
about this, people tell me the
unusefull speech about car crash and plane crash statisticals.
(come on guys, I don't want to finally land and
freak out to take a car!!!)
And the thing is, it's not this kind of fear.

It's a real uncomfortable feeling, I feel disoriented,
I think it's really close to claustrophobia:
I just want to get out this shitty thing...! :)
Well, even if I feel that bad, I still travel and still take the plane.
I never took any medicine for that,
I'm usually against all this kind of pills,
but I begin to wonder if I should try something
to make all my travels happier...

Well, thank you to all those who read
this to the end, lol and all your advices are very welcome :)

2 commentaires:

  1. Headphones, good music loud, are for me the secrets for having a good flight :)
    Thinking of you.

    kiss kiss bang bang

    1. Aaaw Thank you my friend for your advices, I'll do that for my next flight! Miss you! <3