vendredi 4 mai 2012

Memories of Japan #01 Ume

I have to admit that I had too many pictures on my SD card when I came back to Switzerland.

I was too lazy to choose only some of them to post them here. 
Actually I was too lazy of everything when I came back home...
I was so happy to be with my family, to breathe the air of my roots... 
I really wanted to stay in Japan. I cried in the plane....
At least my "planephobia" was almost nothing this time.

Well It took me very long this time to land,
and to accept that our wonderful dream in Japan was over.
But now that I finally am in a good mood I can share some pics with you here :)

 When we arrived in Tokyo, cherry blossoms were still not blooming.
We went to a shrine called Jindai-ji. There the ume trees (plum) were all red, pink and white...
That was like a starter before all the cherry blossoms we were going to see then...
Only one was blooming...

first cherry blossom

吉祥寺 kichijoji 

curry rice addiction
 royal milk tea time addiction

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