vendredi 3 février 2012

My Arm by Uncle Allan: round 1

I was very lucky to have an appointment with Uncle Allan at Conspiracy inc this wednesday.
Last year, I was so happy after having my forearm tattooed by him, that I only waited a few months to
write about the project for the rest of my arm. So I took the plane on Tuesday to Copenhagen.

There are very few tattoo shops where I feel comfortable, but Conspiracy is one of these place.
In a word, I didn't sleep very well the night before I was getting tattooed.
Usually, when I don't sleep good, I feel more anxious than normal
(did I mention that I'm a really anxious person?)
And getting tattooed with only two hours of sleep seemed impossible to me.

But I don't know, magically, when I arrived there, it was ok, I was relaxed.
I held only three small hours of outlining, but I did what I could, and it was kinda ok.

So of course, I could think "argg I took the plane and I couldn't hold more than that...."
but I know that it's useless, and anyway, I'm so happy about the result of this "round 1"

I can't wait for the "round 2" at the end of the month,
and hopefully I will have a better sleep the night before...!


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